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Recent Changes in Virginia Workers Compensation Law

Every year, cases are heard by a Deputy Commissioner at the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission, appealed to the Full Commission at the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission, and then appealed to the Court of Appeals of Virginia. These cases often impact changes in Virginia workers’ compensation law. We have put this section together so you may get a general understanding of the trends occurring in Virginia.

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Resources for Injured Workers in Richmond, VA

Regardless of the severity of the individual’s disability, living with work-related injuries is always difficult. In addition to struggling with medical problems as a result of the injury, many injured workers also experience financial problems from medical bills, lost wages and other challenges. All of these issues affect the individual’s quality of life considerably.

Fortunately, several organizations in Richmond, Virginia, are currently working to improve injured workers’ lives by offering them useful services that address the most common issues they face. Click here to be directed to our Virginia Resources page.

Glossary of Terms

Find plain English definitions for workers’ compensation legal terms by browsing the Injured Workers Law Firm dictionary. Click here to see the directory of terms. 

Virginia Workers’ Compensation Videos

A collection of videos from our Workers Compensation attorneys. Click here to view our videos.

Virginia Workers Compensation Hearing Locations

Hearings are conducted at the Commission’s central office (1000 DMV Drive, Richmond, VA 23220) as well as its regional offices. There are additional hearing sites located throughout the state. The Virginia Workers Compensation Hearing Locations and maps to these additional hearing sites are located on this page.


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Medical Resources

Medical Associations

For more specific help with particular conditions, you can go to the medical association for that condition

Other Resources

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