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To all of those who thought they were fighting a loosing battle against their insurance provider, I am here to let you know that the staff at IWLF are wonderful and great go getters. In my case they were able to get my weekly compensation restarted and medical bills paid, and were ab le to reach a settlement with the insurance company that was acceptable to all parties involved.

I will recommend IWLF to any of my friends and family that may need the same representation and help that I needed. Thanks to the entire staff at IWLF for everything – it was deeply appreciated.

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Betty Jo Jones
I want to say thank you for everything! You really did a great job. Now I can move forward, no more insurance company hassles! The stress is all gone thanks to your company. Bless you all.

A very nice law firm! I appreciate all you have done for us. Wouldn’t improve anything! The most positive part was keeping me informed all the time – I couldn’t ask for a better experience. Thank you so much!

There isn’t a finer Law firm team in Virginia that can represent an injured worker with a Workman’s compensation claim! The attorney(s), paralegals, and business manager all make you as the client feel that your wants and needs are very important too. From answering questions about a claim, to phone consultations, and return answers of questions by e-mail. This is a top notch group who works toward and for the needs of the customer and their attorney representing clients is excellent, thoughtful, kind and considerate. My claim got resolved in my favor! I even got a card a cookies and condolences when my injury turned for the worse (back injury) but nothing, not even a phone call from my employer! I had to go out of my town because no one in this town would take this claim because it would be a conflict of interest! You can count on the injured workers Law firm for positive results. Just excellent outstanding customer client service and I can’t be thankful enough.
Tommy1969 - YellowPages.com
They gave me reasons to be comfortable right from the very beginning and had me assured that I would win my case. It was amazing the feeling and attitude that they instilled upon me from day one and I never had any doubts about them whatsoever. Would highly recommend them to anyone who has any type of problem. Thanks to Ms Lewane and her complete staff.
Buddy - Client - AVVO.com
Michele has way passed my expectations and is a world class Lawyer. She and her associates have kept me well informed about my case. every time I have called them about an update on my case I was given the answers I needed at that time and was treated with the upmost respect and that goes a long way with me. My case might be a little different than most, we had the Inc. company fighting us tooth and nail not to approve or pay for my operation, but as soon as Michele talked to them all the sudden they approved my operations, and by the way I’ve had 4 operations so far. But please if you need a good law firm the INJURED WORKERS LAW FIRM is here to help you as they did for me.
Client - AVVO.com
Michele and her staff did an exceptional job for my case because, they handled both sides as a workmen compensation Lawyer, and personal injury Lawyer. They kept me in the know for 3 years always available to answer my questions. I would strongly recommend them, and if the need ever arises I would hire them again. 
Valeria - Client - AVVO.com
They gave me reasons to be comfortable right from the very beginning and had me assured that I would win my case.It was amazing the feeling and attitude that they instored upon me from day one and I never had any doubts about them whatsoever. Would highly recommend them to anyone who has any type of problem. Thanks to Ms Lewane and her complete staff.
Earl - Client - AVVO.com
I had hired Michele in 2009. I got my settlement December, of 2012. Michele had done everything she said she was going to do, and then some. I have never known a lawyer like her. This women cares for her clients. She made our dreams come true. I had got a structure settlement. Money comes every month from my settlement. My home is paid for. She is the greatest woman around. I thank you and your firm. My family thanks you, too. I just don’t know the words to tell you how thankful we are..
Tonya - Client - AVVO.com
Previously I had submitted a review about how much help I’ve received from Michele and I was not even a client. Now I’m submitting a review as a client! After being taken advantage of by the insurance company; I finally had to hire Michele. She is simply the best! She is even more awesome (which I would not have expected) than before! She really cares on a personal level! The entire time she and her team made me feel as though the entire company gets up each morning just to take care of me! Who gets that kind of treatment nowadays? Anyone who hires Michele, that’s who!!
Judith - Client - AVVO.com

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