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Bob Busch – Client Services Manager

Bob Busch – Client Services Manager 2018-05-24T13:04:47+00:00

Bob Busch

Client Services Manager

Bob Busch has been with the Injured Workers Law Firm team for over seven years. Bob has been married for 21 years to the founder of the Injured Workers Law Firm, Michele Lewane. In 2010 they both decided that it was a good move for Bob to take his talents and work full time for the law firm. Bob’s passion is quality assurance in everything we do at the IWLF. Bob’s background is 23 years of customer service with companies that relied on his representation to clients both big and small. Bob started out working in the flooring industry. There Bob spent time making sure quality service was met for flooring retailers as well as quality control with everyday consumers. From there, he worked in the printing business for over ten years at FedEx Kinko’s. He was responsible for large company’s document services.

Bob holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Virginia Commonwealth University. He went on to receive his certification in Kinesiotherapy through the College of William and Mary and the Hampton Veterans Administration.

Bob’s responsibilities at the Injured Workers’ Law Firm are to make certain we provide the very best customer service to our clients across the entire state of Virginia. To do that, he is making sure the Injured Workers Law Firm team has the very best in client service tools and programs. Because first and foremost we help everyone help themselves with their work injury, even when they do not need to hire an attorney.

Bob is originally from Arlington, Virginia. He made his way to Richmond via VCU, at which he played baseball.  He helped coach both their son Christian and daughter Sarah in baseball and softball.

Bob’s interests include all sports. He is an avid VCU basketball and baseball fan. His favorite football team is the Washington Redskins. If he is not at the office, he is hiking, gardening, fixing up the river house, or travelling with the family.