2 Types of Common Workplace Head Injuries in Virginia

While some common workplace injuries may be relatively mild, accidents causing workplace injuries involving head trauma can be severe, life-changing events. If you or someone you love has sustained a serious injury, consider working with a Virginia work injury lawyer as you begin going through the Workers’ Compensation claim process to make sure each aspect of your claim and your benefits is handled with integrity.

Accidents, by nature, are unforeseen and can occur when you least expect them. From work-related car accidents on the Downtown Expressway, to slips and falls in Richmond hospitals and construction sites, a head injury can devastate an employee and the lives of his or her family quickly.

Head Injuries Are Not Something to Ignore

If you get a head injury it is extremely important that you visit a hospital and get checked no matter how small the accident maybe your brain might have gotten injured. This like any other work injury should be taken seriously. You never can be too careful because of long term effects of head injuries. There is excellent equipment to check the situation of the brain in most hospitals today. Magnetic resonance Imaging commonly known as MRI is one of the methods used to detect brain injuries. The doctor should be able to use other methods to be able to ascertain the condition of your brain.

Two Types of Head Injuries

There are two basic categories of brain-related common workplace injuries on the job:

  • Sudden Brain Injuries – the most common type of head injury at work, these types of injuries occur with a sudden, one-time event, as opposed to a long-term condition. Accidents in which a blunt force hits the employee’s head (falling objects, a slip and fall, etc.) and work-related auto accidents fall into this category.
  • Disease-Related Injuries – in some cases, a worker may be exposed to certain chemicals that may contribute to a brain disease or disorder; these conditions might be harder to prove for a Workers’ Comp claim.

These types of serious brain injuries warrant immediate, as well as long-term medical treatments, and may mean a lifetime of physical and mental side effects. When you begin the Workers’ Compensation claim process, make sure to adhere to the strict required time guidelines, and consult with a Virginia work injury lawyer if you have any questions or problems obtaining your benefits.  

Contact a Virginia Work Injury Lawyer

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