A Virginia Workers Compensation Case – Choose a Specialist Attorney Or a General Practitioner?

Attorneys specialize like doctors. Some orthopaedists handle backs, some arms, and some do only legs. Again, like doctors many attorneys specialize in areas of the law. There are still some attorneys who are general practitioners and try to handle every case that comes in the door. Is it wise to choose such an attorney for your Virginia Workers Compensation Case? The following are:


FIRST, there are peculiar time limits involved in a workers compensation case in Virginia. If you refuse light duty employment, you only have six months to cure that refusal. If you have received a permanent injury and have been paid for it, you can go back on regular compensation if you apply within one year. Will a general practitioner know this?

SECOND, the adjuster will want to take a recorded statement about your accident. Should you do this? A specialist can tell you but can a general practitioner?

THIRD, the insurance company gives you a panel of three (3) doctors for your medical treatment. Are you required to take a doctor from the panel? The specialist can tell you but can the general practitioner?

FOURTH, the insurance company assigns a nurse case manager to your case. She wants to talk to the doctor outside of your presence. Can she do this? A specialist should know but will the general practitioner?

FIFTH, the job placement finds you a job working the carry-out window at McDonalds. Do you have to take this job? The specialist can tell you but what about the general practitioner?

SIXTH, you don’t like the doctor who has been treating you. Can you switch to another doctor? The specialist can tell you under what circumstances you can switch and when you cannot switch, will the general practitioner know the rules?

SEVENTH, your pain management doctor recommends a spinal stimulator for your pain and the insurance company says “no” it is too experimental. A specialist should be able to help you obtain the spinal stimulator but will a general practitioner know what to do?

EIGHTH, your injury has taken you out of work for more than 90 days and now you have received a Job Termination Notice in the mail. Is this going to have an impact on your workers‘ compensation claim? The specialist will know the answer but will the general practitioner?

NINTH, your claim was denied by the adjuster. Does this mean your claim is over with? What can you do next and how long will it take? These are all questions easily answered by the specialist but will the general practitioner know what to do?

TENTH, you have been offered $5,000.00 to settle your claim but you are still receiving injections in your back for pain. Is this a good amount to settle your case? A specialist should be able to come up with the fair value of your case but will a general practitioner?

In summary, there are reasons to consult a specialist even in the legal field. Choosing a generalist may not be a wise idea. For tips on selecting the right attorney check my other article: Virginia Workers Compensation Attorney: How do you find a good one? Your injury is important to you and there are reasons why a specialist is the way to go.