A Richmond Workers’ Compensation attorney may be able to help you gain compensation for your injuries if you experience an overexertion injury while at work.

Overexertion injuries are caused by: 

  • lifting and twisting;
  • reaching;
  • jumping; and
  • extreme heat.overexertion

A strained muscle or a twisted knee may not sound severe, but if it requires medical treatment or keeps you from returning to work or performing your job normally, you may be able to file a work injury claim. 

You have probably heard the old phrase, “the best treatment is prevention.” Even if you have already suffered an overexertion injury, learn how to avoid aggravating the injury or further injuring yourself. Your doctor will likely provide you with a list of instructions or recommendations for caring for your injury and avoiding aggravating it.

When it comes to preventing overexertion injuries in the workplace, your employer should: 

  • allow you to take enough breaks;
  • provide adequate training; and
  • only assign you to jobs which you are physically capable of performing.

If your employer fails to do these things and you are injured because of it, you may consider filing a work injury claim.

The National Business Group on Health offers injury prevention recommendations such as: 

  • offering an on-site employee exercise program (because most overexertion injuries affect people who are not physically fit);
  • incorporating prevention plans into your mandatory workplace safety programs; and
  • making information on preventing sprains and strains readily available around the workplace.

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