Listen up folks – I’m about to let you in on another one of the insurance companies dirty little secrets!

I regularly get calls from injured workers in a panic because the insurance adjusters threaten closing caseadjuster told them their case was being “closed.”

Adjusters love to use this threat – “If you don’t ______________ (sign this form, do a recorded statement, and so on) I’m going to close your file.” I can understand how this statement would strike fear into someone, especially if you are still in the midst of your medical care.

Adjusters love to use this threat to strong arm an injured worker into doing what they want but if you have taken the appropriate steps (filing your Claim Form form and filing it with the Virginia Workers Compensation Commission and have been given an Award Order for lifetime benefits, then this threat is just the adjuster blowing smoke!

I say this because if you have lifetime medical benefits, then the claim is open for the lifetime of your injury – it does not close simply because the Adjuster says it is closed!

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