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Back Work Injury Protection: Tips to Remain Safe and Healthy as a Nurse

Back injuries are one of the most common work injury threats to nurses, affecting thousands every year. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control estimates that 12 percent of nurses leave the profession due to a back injury. With the already existing shortage of nurses, it’s important to stress safety and injury prevention in the healthcare environment in order to prevent these instances of work injury.

Richmond Workers’ Compensation attorney, Michelle Lewane, shares these tips for preventing painful back injuries in nurses:

  • use lifting assistance devices, such as gait belts, walkers, railings, sliding boards and more, when lifting a patient;back-injuries
  • wear a back belt;
  • create lift teams, using multiple people to lift patients;
  • avoid repetition and prolonged fixed positions;
  • use adjustable beds and bring the patient to the proper height before moving or lifting them;
  • ensure your workplace is properly staffed; this prevents overexertion and provides more team members to help;
  • take regular rest breaks; bend at the knees, and lift up using your legs to remove strain from the back;
  • wear high-quality, supportive footwear; and
  • don’t twist and lift; if you need to turn to lift or carry something, turn your entire body. 

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