One of the biggest mistakes you can make in settling a workers’ comp claim is trusting that the insurance adjuster will do the right thing. You might not realize, however, that insurance adjusters get bonuses and recognition when they save the company money. This is typically done by downplaying injuries and denying claims. Therefore, you should have a Richmond attorney with extensive knowledge of Virginia Workers’ Compensation law handling your case.  

Beware of the insurance adjuster who works with a nurse case manager. This kind of nurse will try to force your doctor to give you clearance to return to work. You should also know that an adjuster will hire private investigators in the hopes of catching you engaging in an activity that your doctor has advised against. 

You can also count on an insurance adjuster to delay medical treatments, payments, and diagnostic tests that they may begrudgingly approve, such as an MRI. If they insist on these kinds of delays with all cases, they can save a significant amount of money in interest alone. 

Adjusters will also deny claims while knowing that the injured worker is facing financial difficulties. This is done in hopes that the injured party will take the first offer. 

Before you accept a settlement, you should have a Virginia Workers’ Compensation law firm review your case. Otherwise you risk being taken advantage of. 

Contact a Richmond Attorney for Help Settling a Workers’ Comp Claim 

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