If you’ve suffered injury or developed an illness that occurred during the scope of your job, you may qualify to receive Workers’ Compensation benefits. However, after you reached the point of “healing,” you may find that you have suffered a permanent disability that, while it allows you to work, may cause limitations.

As a result, you could end up doing work that pays less than what you received before your injury or illness. If so, you should consult with a Richmond Workers’ Comp attorney, who can determine if you qualify for permanent partial disability benefits (PPD).

How to Determine How Much You Could Receive

The amount of these benefits will be dependent on the rating assigned to your disability. For instance, if an injury qualifies for a 7 percent rating, multiplying it by a dollar amount will give you the amount you probably should receive. The dollar amount varies depending on the state. Contact your Virginia Workers’ Comp attorney for more information.

Contact a Richmond Workers’ Comp Attorney

Despite being a simple method of calculating permanent partial disability, you could still find yourself receiving less than what you are entitled to, or the rating assigned may not be accurate. Because cases such as this can become very complicated to navigate, you may wish to consult with an attorney. By seeking legal counsel, you can gain a better understanding of your right to permanent partial disability and the amount.

When you have difficulties with your Workers’ Compensation claim, a Richmond Workers’ Comp attorney can bear some of the burden you’ve been placed under. To get back on your feet, whether it means getting back to work or getting the benefits you deserve, order a copy of our free book, The Ultimate Guide to Workers’ Compensation in Virginia, and contact a Workers’ Comp attorney at the Injured Worker’s Law Firm for a no-cost consultation – 877-755-7744 or 804-755-7755.