opinion-pollA Workers’ Compensation benefits attorney in Richmond can be helpful managing your claim or answering any questions you may have along the way. One thing he or she may tell you is that you have the right to get a second opinion in a worker’s comp case.

Just as your employer has rights, such as telling you who to see (by offering a panel of physicians from which you may choose), you have rights as well. That includes seeking a second opinion regarding your condition or injury. Of course, there are certain rules and conditions impacting this right.

You may be able to request a second opinion if the doctor recommends surgery or another invasive treatment plan. If you do not agree with undergoing surgery or if you are uncomfortable with the treatment recommendation, you may request a second opinion from another qualified physician.

However, the doctor from whom you receive a second opinion will likely have to be approved by the insurance company or your employer. You may be offered another panel of physicians from which to choose when requesting a second opinion.

Do not see your regular doctor or any other doctor without first clearing it with your employer or the insurance company, or consulting your attorney. Failing to follow applicable rules pertaining to Workers’ Compensation in Virginia may negatively impact your Claim Form.

Even if you don’t agree with the doctor, if you neglect his or her orders, you could lose your benefits or harm your case. So it’s important to handle this the right way. Your attorney is a good resource and can be helpful in ensuring all steps are followed properly to give your claim its best chance of success.

Seeking Help from Workers’ Compensation Benefits Attorney in Richmond 

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