I get so many calls from injured workers who say the workers’ compensation insurance claims adjuster or their “case manager” will not return their calls.  Worse yet, many of them tell me that when they do finally get to speak with someone, they are not treated very kindly.  It is very sad but if you have read my book, “Ultimate Guide to Workers’ Compensation in Virginia,” then you know that this is simply a tactic the insurance company uses to deter injured workers from pursing their benefits.  If the claims adjuster or the case manager can slow things down or get you upset or frustrated to the point that you give up on your claim, it keeps money in their pocket.shutterstock_283766744

I tell people all the time, DO NOT GIVE UP!  Even if you have to call every day and be a pain in the neck to get results. That is what you should do.  If my office is representing you, then we will handle ALL communications with the claims adjuster for our clients and it is not uncommon for the paralegals and legal assistants in my office to call adjusters repeatedly and bug them until they address the situation for our client.  If you are not currently represented by an attorney, then you are free to call the adjuster directly.

I know it can be frustrating to feel like you are constantly calling and getting no where but, sometimes, if you let the adjuster know you are not going to give up or go away, they might be a little more inclined to communicate with you more quickly.

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