A construction accident injury can lead to serious and devastating injuries. Construction jobs rank among the world’s most dangerous occupations – and for good reason. 

If you have suffered serious injuries while working at a construction site, you should discuss your legal options with a construction accident lawyer

Most construction job sites usually follow strict safety standards, but accidents can still happen. If your construction accident injury happened while you were performing the work that you were hired to do, then you could have grounds for filing a Workers’ Compensation or personal injury claim.  

Common Causes of Construction Accident Injury 

There are many ways in which you could sustain injuries on a construction site, including: 

  • roofing accidents;
  • welding accidents.
  • misusing tools;
  • using defective equipment;
  • getting hit by falling objects;
  • electrical accidents;
  • slipping and falling;
  • using safety restraints inappropriately;
  • power tool accidents;
  • explosions and fires;
  • scaffolding accidents; and
  • being struck by equipment. 

A construction accident injury is typically the result of negligence on the part of your employer or fellow coworkers. Whoever is responsible for safety on the site has a duty to ensure that you will be safe and protected when you show up for work. 

Because it is the employer’s responsibility, you cannot receive compensation if it is shown that: 

  • you were hurt while driving to or from work;
  • you were injured while horsing around during your lunch break; or
  • you were under the influence of drugs or alcohol while working. 

If you were at fault for the injury, it is unlikely that you will be able to file a claim. However, it is still a good idea to contact a lawyer to see if you can recover even partial Workers’ Compensation benefits. 

If you believe that after a construction accident injury, you are entitled to compensation, call a construction accident lawyer right away to learn about your rights and options.  

Those responsible for construction site safety, like a foreman or supervisor, accidentally could overlook hazardous conditions that could lead to a serious construction accident injury or even a fatality. While some injuries on the jobsite may be minor, there are others that could prove deadly or debilitating. 

Examples of a Serious Construction Accident Injury

  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) depending on the extent of the injury, TBI can cause confusion, dizziness, ringing in the ears, blurred vision, behavioral changes, memory problems, vomiting, seizures, slurred speech, weakness, loss of coordination and anxiety.
  • Spinal cord damage – spinal injuries can lead to partial or complete paralysis, breathing issues, loss of bladder or bowel control, and loss of speech.
  • Broken bones broken bones can require surgery and extensive healing times.
  • Third-degree burns – this type of extremely painful and dangerous burn could require skin grafting, infections and scar tissue. You also may suffer emotional distress from this type of construction accident injury.
  • Organ damage – lung damage can occur from inhaling dangerous chemicals or fumes; you could suffer internal bleeding after a fall; or you could puncture an organ in an impaling.

These kinds of injuries could require years of medical care, attention and rehabilitation. Some may never fully heal or leave a victim permanently disabled or disfigured. It is important to contact a construction accident lawyer as soon as possible after your work injury so that you have the best chances of receiving compensation for your construction accident injury. 

If you wait too long to take legal action, you could miss out on that chance and be left dealing with expensive medical bills and making up the difference for lost wages on your own. 

Contact an Attorney about Your Work Related Injury Claim 

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