People contact my office all the time and tell me that their sister/father/aunt/mailman told them ______________ (insert something outrageous here – my case is worth 10 million dollars, I get paid for pain and suffering, I ‘m going to sue my employer, my boss can’t fire me because I was injured at work) and then they are just flabbergasted when I tell them how the system REALLY works.

Understandably, I know most people who call my office after receiving bad advice have spoken to someone who is genuinely trying to help. HOWEVER – if the person who is giving you information or advice is not an experienced attorney who PRACTICES SPECIFICALLY WORKERS’ COMPENSATION LAW, I urge you to consider your sources!!!

The internet is a wonderful tool but as with all things, consider your sources! If you are on the insurance company’s website, you may be getting biased information. Plus, each state has different workers’ compensation laws, so if you are reading about workers’ compensation benefits on a website from a firm located in Colorado, the information is not going to be the same as a firm practicing in Virginia – even if it is similar, laws vary state to state.

Think about it – you wouldn’t take legal advice from your mechanic and you wouldn’t look to the back of a Cheerios box for information on doing your taxes! Treat your workers’ compensation claim the same way! Always consider your sources because the workers’ compensation system can be unforgiving and following the wrong advice can spell D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R.

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Michele Lewane, Esq.