There are several reasons why you should still contact a workers’ compensation attorney – even if you are receiving all of your benefits.  First, just because they are paying your benefits now does not mean this will continue.  The workers’ compensation insurance company can still cut off all of your benefits if you don’t know your rights.   That will benefit your employer because your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance premiums can increase every time a worker is hurt and, since most employers think they are already paying too much in workers’ compensation premiums, they can cut costs and increase profits for their company by defeating your claim.  attorney

Second, most workers’ compensation attorneys will give you a few office or phone consultations, so it will not cost you anything to protect yourself. You should talk to an attorney as soon as possible after you are hurt on the job. Since your employer and the workers’ compensation insurance company have an army of attorneys representing their interests, you can level the playing field if you contact an attorney immediately. While it will never truly be a fair fight until there is a change in the law, you can protect yourself by knowing your rights under the Virginia’s Workers’ Compensation Act.

How do I know what attorney to talk to?

You want an attorney who specializes in workers’ compensation cases.   Look at the firms’ website and make sure that 100% of his or her practice is workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation law is very technical, so very few attorneys dedicate their entire practice to it. Don’t take chances with a general practitioner or personal injury attorney because they may not be aware of the latest court decisions which could affect your case.