Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms after a construction accident injury can have deep emotional and physiological effects. If you exhibit the symptoms of PTSD after a construction accident injury, you may be able to receive compensation.   

Symptoms of PTSD that May Be Present After a Construction Accident Injury 

Commonly seen symptoms of PTSD after a serious injury or traumatic accident can include: 

  • Repeatedly re-experiencing the accident – those suffering from PTSD may feel like they are reliving a traumatic episode through flashbacks, hallucinations or nightmares.
  • Avoiding accident reminders – PTSD victims have been known to avoid places, situations or even people who remind them of their accident. This can lead to isolation, detachment and depression.
  • Increased irritability and anxiety – injured victims with PTSD may become irritable, aggressive, nervous, anxious or snappy. This can be seen particularly with things that them of the construction accident. 
  • Physical effects – high blood pressure, muscle soreness, headaches, nausea, sleeplessness, weight gain or weight loss can all be related to PTSD. 

If you begin to exhibit or experience these symptoms after a construction accident injury, you need to seek immediate medical and psychological attention.  After that, contact a construction accident lawyer to discuss the possibility of filing a claim to recover compensation. 

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