Help, I’ve been terminated from my job.

A: Whether you are entitled to any workers’ compensation wage loss benefits depends on why you were terminated. If you were terminated because of something you did that is unrelated to the work injury, i.e., job performance, tardiness, insubordination, then your workers’ compensation wage loss benefits will probably be stopped or you will not be eligible. If you are under an Award, then you will still be entitled to medical treatment but you will probably only be entitled to workers’ compensation wage loss benefits if, in the future, you are taken totally out of work for your work injury.

If you were terminated for reasons related to your work injury, including that you could not perform the duties of your job because of the work injury or because your employer kept asking you to work outside of your work restrictions and you would not so you were terminated, you are entitled to wage loss benefits.

If you have been terminated and have any questions about whether you are still entitled to any workers’ compensation benefits, you should consult an experienced workers’ compensation attorney who can assist you in securing benefits and protecting your rights.


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