A: For the most part, yes, you can collect workers’ compensation if you were on a business trip and got hurt in the hotel. The law says that injuries that occur while traveling on a business trip are covered, with some exceptions.

Slip and falls may occur in the hotel. You could get injured fixing the light fixture in the room. A bed or chair could break while you are sitting in it, causing injury. Any of these would be considered a work injury and subject to workers’ compensation.

However, if you were doing something illegal or against the hotel’s rules when the injury occurred, then you may not be eligible for workers’ compensation. For example, if you drank too much and suffered injuries from a bar fight, then that would likely not be covered. If you were fooling around in the bathroom and got injured after jumping into the bathtub, then your workers’ compensation may be denied in that instance as well.

In addition, if you were engaging in activities not related to business, then you may not be able to collect workers’ compensation. This is called abandoning employment because it is not furthering the business and you were enjoying activities for your own personal pleasure. For example, if you were gambling in the hotel and you were injured by the slot machine, then that would not be considered a work injury.