A young man was killed on the job in a tragic factory accident last week when his forklift overturned and killed him.

Matt Megginson was 27 and recently married to his wife Lindsey, when the accident occurred at Burris Logistics in Lyndhurst, VA on Friday morning. My thoughts and prayers are with Matt’s family who are devastated by the sudden loss.

Matt is another unfortunate victim of a forklift accident. About 22% of the more than 1000 deaths caused by forklifts in the past 14 years have been due to an overturned machine.

Bureau of Labor Statistics says that in 2008, 299 workers were killed when they were entrapped or crushed by equipment or objects.

The accident is under investigation by the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry.

Under Virginia Workers’ Compensation law, death benefits are payable to an employee’s surviving family members based upon the deceased’s wages. There is a maximum and minimum amount that can be paid. Also a burial allowance is available to help pay funeral expenses.