Hand & Wrist Injury
Proving that you were injured on the job can be complicated. What counts as a work related injury is factually specific. Most people have never been injured on the job before and are not familiar with how to file a claim. The Injured Workers Law Firm represents clients who have suffered a serious hand and wrist injury.
What caused your injury?
Carpel tunnel syndrome is a complicated area of the law. In order to recover, you must prove by clear and convincing evidence that your injury was caused by work related repetitive motions.
Are you a typist or a worker on a vibrating machine? You may suffer from a wrist or hand injury. We will have you consult a doctor to determine the cause of your injury. You need a lawyer to standup for your rights. We help clients with injuries such as:
• Crushed hand
• Finger amputation
• Carpal tunnel • Dog mauling
• Fractured