When employees suffer head injuries on the job, insurance companies will often accept a claim for a “head injury” but they often do not want to accept a claim for a “traumatic brain injury.” Why is this? Because the two are very different!

head injuries and virginia workers compensationHead Injuries could be a bump on the head or a scratch to the scalp or forehead that will likely heal in time without any major lasting effects. A “traumatic brain injury” (or TBI) is damage to the brain that can sometimes have lasting symptoms and effects.  The “head injury” is usually going to be much cheaper for an insurance company to cover than a “traumatic brain injury.” The cost for treatment of a “traumatic brain injury” can be substantial and could even leave an injured worker unable to work for an extended period of time.  Or, in severe cases, it could be so severe that the injured worker is never able to return to work and may remain on permanent total disability benefits.

If you have suffered a “traumatic brain injury” you should seek the help of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney immediately.

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