I get calls from injured workers wanting to know how they are to go about their day-to-day lives while they are recovering from a serious work injury. Most people do not realize this but the injured worker is entitled to home health care if his or her treating physician indicates that it is medically necessary and related to the work injury. This means that, if your injury is so bad that you cannot dress yourself, cook for yourself, or take care of yourself, and your doctor agrees that you need the help, you can have the workers compensation insurance company pay for home health care assistance. However, be careful what you wish for.

home health care

The workers compensation insurance carrier can decide who provides the home health care and can send any qualified person of their choosing into your home. Additionally, the insurance carrier can determine that it is more cost effective to have the care provided in a nursing home rather than have 24 hour care, so the insurance company can force you into a nursing home, regardless of your wishes. However, if all you need is help for a couple of hours a day, and your doctor agrees, we can help get you the help you need so long as the doctor is willing to put this request in writing and will support it as being medically necessary and related to the work injury.

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