We will consult doctors to determine whether the injury was consistent with an accident or with a chronic and long-term injury. You need a doctor to state that it was a new injury from the work accident or the work accident aggravated an old injury.

Describing shoulder pain can be difficult. The nature of the injury makes it difficult to pinpoint. If you describe pain in the wrong way, your claim may be denied. You may misstate the area injured, because you think something else is injured.

You may not know what is injured because you are in a lot of pain and are on pain medications. Many times a rotator cuff injury may feel like a hand or wrist injury. We can help you get the medical documentation correct. A doctor must determine what is causing your shoulder pain.

Many people may have small tears in their rotator cuff without knowing it. When you have an accident at work, you may tear the rotator cuff even more. That is when you may notice the pain.