When you’ve been injured on the job and have received a disability slip or work restrictions from your doctor, it’s crucial that you acquire proof of the Workers’ Comp disability. You can do this by obtaining a disability slip from your treating physician so that you can continue to receive benefits. Many Workers’ Compensation cases have been held up or derailed because this small piece of paper was missing. 

Before you leave your doctor’s office, ask for your disability slip. This slip indicates that you have work restrictions and cannot return to work. Your employer’s Workers’ Compensation insurance provider will not pay your weekly benefits and wages unless they have their own copy of the disability slip, clearly indicating your work limitations. 

Even if the doctor authorizes these restrictions, to the insurance company, nothing counts without that disability slip. They will absolutely refuse to pay you your benefits and possibly even accuse you of lying about your disability until they have a copy. 

This disability slip is also important if the insurer begins vocational rehabilitation with you  because it outlines what your work restrictions are, and the Workers’ Comp insurer is obliged to stay within those restrictions. 

Speak with a Workers’ Comp disability attorney in a no-obligation consultation, in which a work injury lawyer who has handled Workers’ Compensation cases just like yours will evaluate your case and give you the opportunity to ask questions about how the claim will be handled and what obstacles you might encounter along the way. 

Contact an Attorney about Your Workers’ Comp Disability 

When you have difficulties with your work-related injury claim, a VirginiaWorkers’ Comp attorney can bear some of the burden of dealing with the stressors of Workers’ Compensation. If you return to work or receive a permanent disability rating, an attorney can help. Fore more information about Workers’ Compensation, pick up a free copy of the Ultimate Guide to Workers’ Compensation in Virginia, and contact a workers’ comp attorney at the Injured Workers Law Firm for a no-cost consultation – 1-877-755-7744 or 1-804-755-7755.