How to Get Your Mileage Reimbursement

Virginia law allows for injured workers to receive a mileage reimbursement for their travel expenses for trips to the medical appointments, meetings with vocational rehab counselors, and job interviews. If you’re not sure how to get your mileage reimbursement, I’ll explain the process for you here.  Keep in mind, workers compensation insurance doesn’t reimburse mileage for driving to the pharmacy or going to a hearing. The workers compensation insurance company will reimburse mileage for accepted claims.  They will not reimburse mileage for denied claims – until the claim has been won or accepted.

Follow the steps listed below to fill out the IWLF MILEAGE REIMBURSEMENT FORM and submit it for payment:

1) Completely fill in the MILEAGE REIMBURSEMENT FORM including your name, address, employer (at the time of the injury), social security number, date of birth and date of accident.

2) Fill in the chart including the dates you traveled, TRAVELED FROM information (including address), TRAVELED TO information (including address), the total ROUND TRIP MILEAGE and any BRIDGE TOLLS/PARKING/PUBLIC TRANSIT expenses in the appropriate column.

a. If you have to take a taxi or other form of public transportation you do not  have to fill in the mileage amount.  You can simply list the TRAVELED FROM  and TRAVELED TO addresses and the cost of the taxi ride or bus ride but you MUST keep your receipt.

3) For ROUND TRIP MILEAGE, go to MapQuest or Google Maps and print out the directions page showing the distance to and from the desired locations.  You need to do this for each different location you have traveled too.These print outs need to be attached to the form when the form is submitted for reimbursement.

4) Once you have completed the chart, total up all the miles in the ROUND TRIP MILEAGE column and list this figure in BOX A.milage reimbursement

5) Once you have the amount of BOX A, multiply it by $0.555 (or multiply by $.505 for mileage expenses incurred prior to October 1, 2011). This will give you the dollar amount of your reimbursement for the miles traveled; list this figure in BOX B.

6) Total up the cost of any public transit, bridge tolls, turnpike fees or cab fare and insert this total into BOX C.

7) Add BOX B and BOX C together and insert this figure into BOX D, this is the amount of your total reimbursement.

8) For any trips made or costs you are requesting reimbursement for, you MUST:

a. Show that you were at the appointment. This can be done by getting a print out from your medical provider(s) showing a list of appointment dates when you were seen. The easiest document that shows you were actually seen by a medical provider is called a “Bill Payment History.” An appointment card is not sufficient proof to show that you were present for an appointment.

b. Show the total distance of travel that you are requesting.  This is done by the MapQuest or Google Maps print outs that you attach.

c. Show the cost of any of your out of pocket expenses.  This is done by attaching any receipts for any public transit, bridge tolls, turnpike fees or cab fare.


9) Sign the MILEAGE REIMBURSEMENT FORM at the bottom and attach all necessary documentation.

10) Keep a copy of the documents for yourself and send one copy to the insurance adjuster and, if applicable, send one copy to your attorney’s office for their file. That way, if the attorney’s office needs to follow up on the progress of your mileage reimbursement, they will have a copy of your mileage reimbursement submission in order to do so.

11) If you have not received your mileage reimbursement check within 3 weeks, call your attorney’s office and let them know. If you do not have an attorney working on your claim and have not received your mileage check, you can call the insurance adjuster directly.

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