“Can they do this?”  “What should I do?”  “This is ridiculous!”

These are frequent comments I hear from injured workers who call my office about the possibility of a private investigator following them around.  I tell everyone just assume you ARE being followed and behave accordingly.  Sadly, workers’ compensation insurance companies are in the business of saving money and, if paying an investigator to monitor your activities might save them from paying out the full benefits owed to you for a work injury, that is what they will do!  And, yes, in the State of Virginia, the workers’ compensation insurance company is allowed to hire an investigator to observe you.

shutterstock_175824530Your doctor’s restrictions for work still apply when you clock out for the day and on your own time – so no lifting over 5 lbs. means no lifting over 5 lbs. no matter where you are or what your doing!  If you are doing anything that might violate the orders your doctor has laid out for you, even something as simple as carrying in the groceries, you need to STOP IMMEDIATELY!

I know this can make simple things all the more complicated by having to ask for help with otherwise day-to-day activities but being denied workers’ compensation benefits can devastate people’s lives.  I see it happen all too often and I do not want to see this happen to you.  Remember, protect yourself:

“Assume you ARE being followed and behave accordingly at all times!”

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