Q: I think I have a work injury related to doing the same movements over and over again every day at work – is this covered under a Virginia workers’ comp claim?

A: If you have suffered a repetitive stress work injury you most likely will not be entitled to Virginia Workers’ Compensation benefits. The only type of repetive injury covered in Virginia is carpal tunnel syndrome. The burden of proof is higher than a regular work accident.For help filing a workers’ comp claim, it is highly advised to consult with Richmond, Virginia attorneys. 

Repetitive stress injuries, also referred to as cumulative trauma disorders, are common in the workplace.

Some activities that could cause a repetitive stress injury include the following:

  • typing at a computer for long hours with insufficient breaks;
  • using a phone that is sandwiched between your head and shoulder;
  • standing long hours at a checkout counter in a grocery store;
  • standing or sitting for prolonged periods;
  • performing assembly line work;
  • any kind of overhead work;
  • writing;
  • stocking shelves;
  • mechanic’s duties; and
  • massaging (massage therapist).

These activities and others could lead to:  

  • carpal tunnel syndrome;
  • tendinitis;
  • cervical radiculopathy; or
  • myofascial damage. 

You may be eligible for filing a workers’ comp claim. As an injured employee, you are entitled to benefits to help you stay financially afloat as you recover from your carpal tunnel repetitive stress injury. Considering that you were simply performing the tasks that your employer asked of you, it only makes sense that, if injured, you would be allowed time off from work and monetary benefits.

An attorney can explain all benefits that are rightfully yours and help you take steps to protect your claim. To help your attorney prepare a strong case, you need to report your symptoms to your employer as soon as they develop, seek prompt medical care and follow all of your doctor’s orders. 

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