The Morning Call has posted a few tips to help improve your posture while you are working.

Having good posture helps your overall health and well being and can just make you feel better all the time. It makes you look better as well.

Having correct posture is also important to help prevent those slow injuries that can take a long time to develop. Sometimes work-related injury can happen even to somebody working behind a desk.

There are certain injuries that affect workers who type on the computer all day. One of the more common injuries is repetitive strain injury or RSI. The most common RSI is carpal tunnel syndrome, which is brought on by repetitive hand motion.

Unfortunately the Code of Virginia says that carpal tunnel syndrome is not an occupational disease, but an “ordinary disease of life.” This makes it especially important to take steps to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, because you won’t get any workers’ compensation money to help you if you get it on the job. Proper posture can help prevent carpal tunnel.

Hearing loss is also defined as an ordinary disease of life so if you work in a noisy environment, it is imperative to protect your hearing at all times.

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