There are a few circumstances in which a Virginia Workers’ Compensation claim may be reversed. For help with your claim settlement, contact a Richmond, Virginia, lawyer as soon as possible. 

One common circumstance would be a situation in which it’s found that the employer didn’t have at least 3 employees employed on a regular basis. Workers’ Compensation benefits are not required when there are fewer than 3 employees. 

This can get tricky when an employer is dealing with hired contractors. If a contracted worker is injured while on the job, the employer may be required to provide Workers’ Compensation benefits. 

However, if there weren’t 3 regularly scheduled workers for a consistent period of time, that scenario may lead to a reversal. Contractors who work for a couple of days — compared to several months — could make the difference. 

In this type of situation, it may take a court to decide whether or not an employee is considered to be regularly employed in service. They may look at recurring periods of time when a worker was employed over a reasonable period of time. Determining a reasonable period of time may be subject to the court. 

When you face difficulties with your claim settlement, you may benefit in seeking legal counsel from a Richmond, Virginia, lawyer. Pursuing a Virginia Workers’ Compensation claim can become a complex, time-consuming process that may require legal representation. 

Don’t hesitate to contact a lawyer who has experience in handling work-related injuries. Whether your claim was denied or the decision was reversed, you should take whatever steps are necessary to protect your rights as a worker. 

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