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The Workers’ Compensation Independent Medical Evaluation

If you have been dealing with the Workers’ Compensation process for a period of time now you probably have come across the term Independent Medical Evaluation or IME.

An IME is when the insurance carrier requests that the injured worker be evaluated by a doctor other than their treating physician. Insurance companies use the Independent Medical Evaluation as a way for an outside doctor to look over an Independent Medical Evaluationinjured workers’ medical history and current medical care and then give an opinion as to whether the injured worker is receiving appropriate medical care or if the current treatment the injured workers’ doctor is requesting is “medically appropriate”.

Personally ,I don’t like this term one bit!!

The name “independent “ is misleading; the insurance company sends injured workers to a doctor that they have handpicked who is typically tough on injured workers and tends to write opinions in favor of saving money for the insurance carrier.

I prefer the term Insurance Medical Evaluation because, in reality, the insurance company is hoping for the doctor to side with them and give a medical opinion stating that the injured workers does not need this or that costly treatment that the injured worker’s doctor is requesting.



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