Insurance Adjuster Honesty in Virginia Workers’ Compensation Benefits

If your insurance adjuster isn’t offering all of the benefits you are entitled to for your workplace injury you should speak with a lawyer in Virginia for Workers’ Compensation.
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Beware! The insurance adjuster is not obligated to tell you anything!

One of the “big problems” that we see in many cases is that the insurance company makes “voluntary” payments and does not file the proper paperwork with the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission. The insurance adjuster is not obligated to tell you this and often does not reveal this information early on. This can harm your claim in many ways. The worst way is that after 2 years from the date of accident, if the paperwork is not filed with the Virginia Workers Compensation Commission, the insurance adjuster can stop paying all benefits and in most cases you can’t “undo” the harm.

Video Transcript

The question may be, how can I tell if the insurance adjuster is treating me fairly? And I have a few little tips to tell you and it’s, one is, are you getting your milage check? And if your answer is, What is a milage check, then the answer is no, because this is such a minor little benefit, that if they are going to lie by omission on this they are probably lying by omission on many other issues.

Under workers compensation in Virginia, you’re entitled to mileage and it’s currently in the year 2010, almost 2011, fifty and a half cents a mile to and from the doctor, to and from physical therapy, to and from getting your MRI.

So, if they aren’t asking for that information of your milage and you are getting them that and then timely paying you back, then you know that they are not being 100% honest with you.

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