Insurance Investigators are Sneaky Sneaky Sneaky and will go to great lengths to gather information and avoid paying benefits. If you think you are being followed by insurance investigators, you probably are!  I wanted to share a recent email with you that I received from one of my clients (identifying information has been changed of course to protect the privacy of my client but you’ll get the idea as you read through the text):

“Dear Micheleshutterstock_200068322

This afternoon I received a phone call from my son who also lives in northern Virginia. He said he received a phone call from a place identifying themselves as Local Action Community Outreach at about 5:45 pm this afternoon. He cannot remember the person’s name. He said that they told him I had put him down as a reference for a job. They wanted to know if I could run or walk well. My son replied – “no, he can’t he had a knee injury.”

They said they had done a background check on me and saw that I had a gun license. They asked if I hunted. My son told them no. They asked if I went fishing. My son told them no. They asked if I went hiking. My son told them no. They asked what I did prior for work. My son told them I worked for ABC Company. They wanted to know for how many years. My son told them he didn’t know. They asked if I volunteered for any non-profit organizations. My son told them that years ago I did do some volunteer work. He said this is all they asked him. He said the call came in as restricted.

I just wanted you to have this information. I have told my son not to answer any questions re: me to anyone. He should have known better but I can’t change that it happened. I have notified my other son and my daughter not to give out any information to anyone as well.

Thank you.”

My client and his son handled this appropriately and no harm was done; however, I wanted to share this because you need to understand how far the reach of the insurance company really is! They actually looked up his adult children, called them on the phone , lied and said their father had applied for a job and tried to pry information out of them!