Insurer ends health program rather than pay out big – Washington Times.

This article is totally disgusting.

Ian Pearl is a 37-year-old muscular dystrophy patient who is confined to a wheelchair and needs a breathing tube to survive. His treatment costs $1 million per year.

Ian has been lucky enough to have insurance coverage most of his life through a small-business health care plan that was bought by his father through his remodeling company, Warren Pearl Construction of New York City.

His insurance company, Guardian Life Insurance, can’t legally discriminate against people who file large claims. So Guardian decided to just completely cancel coverage in entire states in order to avoid paying expensive claims like Mr. Pearl’s. In an email, a Guardian executive called those claims “dogs” that they could “get rid of”.

Guardian’s actions were ruled legal by a federal court.

Guardian reported profits of $437 million last year, up 50% from $292 million in 2007.

Pearl’s parents fear that if the insurance coverage is removed, as it looks like will happen at the end of this year, that he will die. Pearl’s father says, “This is attempted murder, as far as I’m concerned. They targeted us, they never expected to get caught. I believe that justice will prevail.”

Insurance companies are so profitable at the expense of an individual who buys coverage to be protected, and when he does need the protection they find a way to cut him off. This is just typical behavior of these giant corporations that put profits before people and are willing to kill individuals if it improves their profit margins.