We get asked all the time how the workers’ compensation insurance carrier knows about car accidents that injured workers have had in the past that they may not even remember themselves.  Insurance Services Office provides information for health insurance companies called ISO Reports. The Insurance Services Office (ISO) keeps a database of all property and casualty claims of any kind made for any reason, including both commercial and personal.  Therefore, all the insurance adjuster needs is your name and birth date and they can access the information in the database on any workers’ compensation injuries, car accidents, or personal injuries you may have suffered in any state that is included in the database.

It is not a foolproof system and mistakes can be made.  Sometimes, it will include a car accident under your name and birth date that you never had.  Parents and children are often mixed up. However, the insurance companies only use it as a starting place to look for information.  The ISO report itself cannot be used in court as proof that you had an injury that you did not have.   It is really just a tool to get more information about any past accidents or injuries you may have had.

So, it is important that when you are asked questions about any previous  injuries you have had, be honest.  And, if the insurance adjuster or attorney for the insurance adjuster seems to be adamant that you have had an accident that you have never had, you will know that the database is just wrong.