In May 2019, Michele Lewane was invited to Fairfax, Virginia to be interviewed by her colleague and friend, Ben Glass, on his Live Life Big Podcast.

There’s a lot of experience in the room when Ben Glass and Michele Lewane sit down to talk about battling it out in the Virginia legal trenches. On the podcast, Michele and Ben discuss the state of workers’ compensation in Virginia, the types of injuries are covered by worker’s compensation, and how they both fight with the insurance companies for their clients.

Michele also talks about how she manages an outstanding practice all while maintaining a healthy personal life.

“I keep things in perspective. We have had a big life change and now I am an empty nester. I have one child graduating from college and another who is in their second year of college. My priorities are different now, so it is trying to reinvent ourselves to figure out what we are going to do next. What I do is block time, try not to work on Fridays, and schedule free-time for ourselves.”

Michele Lewane has a passion for defending the rights of the injured worker as evidence of her over 25 years of trial experience as a workers’ compensation lawyer. A native of Richmond, Virginia, Michele graduated at the top of her class at the University of Richmond’s T.C. Williams School of Law. As part of her mission to stand up for the injured worker, Michele frequently speaks on workers’ compensation issues throughout the community. Since she knows how valuable it is to her clients that she is up on the latest in Virginia workers’ compensation law, she participates in Continuing Legal Education courses. In addition to being legal counsel to injured workers, Michele is available to talk to your employees, association, civic, or church group on informing employees of their workers’ compensation rights.

Ben Glass is a personal injury and ERISA disability attorney in Fairfax, Virginia. His Live Life Big Podcast provides a hyper-local look at statewide (and nationwide) issues. Most people who meet Ben Glass come to know him as a father of nine children, four of them adopted from China, a small business advocate, a non-profit and charity supporter, and a soccer referee. You can read more about Ben and his Fairfax personal injury law firm at

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