pict0052_edited.jpgHi, I’m Michele Lewane, a Richmond Virginia Worker’s Comp Lawyer

Worker’s compensation, also known as work comp or workman’s comp, is a way for those people who have been injured on the job in Virginia to get some insurance to cover medical bills and other costs that come with the hassle of  a work injury and time off from work. If the accident results in death, then worker’s comp gives benefits to the surviving dependents.

I am starting this blog to provide the best free information about the Virginia workman’s compensation legal process before you start your claim. I want to help you understand your rights and benefits that are your legal right.

Applying for work comp claims in Virginia is often a difficult, discouraging, time-consuming process that can last for months, especially if you have to appeal a denied claim.

We specialize in helping injured workers to get what is due to them and to take your mind off all the hassles and problems that come with making a complicated claim. We handle the details so you can concern yourself with getting better.

Virginia has got some tough worker’s compensation laws, and I am experienced at leading you through the process and procedures.

If you have been injured on the job in Virginia get yourself a good Richmond, VA worker’s comp lawyer to help support you through this difficult process.