Seriously injured auto accident victims who’ve been told they have no case may have a second chance for pain and suffering lawsuits sometime between Friday and Monday, when the Michigan Supreme Court will finally release its anticipated decision in Rodney McCormick v. Larry Carrier and Allied Automotive Group, Indemnitor of General Motors Corp. (Docket No. 136738). McCormick v. Carrier is the auto accident case that lawyers on both sides and many judges are hoping will overturn Richard Adam Kreiner v. Robert Oakland Fischer (Docket No. 124120), the disastrous 2004 Michigan Supreme Court decision that has ravaged the rights of most auto accident victims, says Steven M. Gursten, head of Michigan Auto Law, the state’s largest law firm specializing in auto accidents and Michigan No-Fault insurance law.

Michigan Supreme Court Likely to Overturn Kreiner v. Fischer with McCormick v. Carrier.