Are you in need of help getting your prescription filled in a timely manner? Our office uses Summit Pharmacy to fill prescriptions for my clients in cases where the insurance company is refusing to pay for necessary medication or if the insurance adjuster is just dragging their feet on the approval.

Summit Pharmacy promises to quickly fill prescriptions for my clients, even those prescriptions that are denied, so long as an attorney is on the case advocating for the injured shutterstock_298362293worker. This company handles any pre-authorizations that might be required, billing the insurance adjuster, and has staff that knows how to properly handle workers compensation claims. Some of the other benefits Summit offers to my clients are that they can deliver your medication to your front door and, because they are a larger company, they typically don’t have the out-of-stock problem that many of my clients have encountered with local pharmacies not having sufficient quantities of medication. Enrollment is quick and easy and my staff can help you get the application submitted.If you would like more information on this pharmacy, you can go to their website Summit Pharmacy or you can call our office today (804) 755-7755.

If you would like more information on the Virginia workers Compensation system, you can order my book, “The Ultimate Guide to Workers’ Compensation in Virginia” by clicking this link, or call our office today (804) 755-7755.