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Needle Stick Work Injury: How to Protect Yourself in the Nursing Field

Needle stick injuries aren’t just painful for healthcare workers; they’re life threatening. A needle stick injury from a used syringe or needle can carry blood-borne pathogens, infecting the victim with disease-ridden microorganisms that can cause HIV, hepatitis and other serious conditions. According to the American Nursing Association, 64 percent of nurses report being accidentally stuck with a needle or syringe. Of those, a whopping 74 percent say the needle was contaminated.

If you’re working with needles and syringes, it’s imperative you take the proper safety precautions to ensure you don’t suffer a needle stick work injury. Richmond Workers’ Compensation attorney, Michelle Lewane, recommends these safety tips:

  • use needles that have built-in safety controls, such as ones with self-sheathing needles;
  • when possible, use needleless devices;gty_hyperdermic_needle_fresno_thg_110920_wg
  • limit interruptions when using a needle;
  • participate in all workplace safety training, and ensure you know proper handling and disposal procedures;
  • don’t bend, recap or break a contaminated needle; and
  • ask for assistance if you have a difficult or uncooperative patient. 

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