Can I get pain and suffering benefits from a workers’ compensation case?

You cannot get pain and suffering benefits from a workers’ compensation case?
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People tell me all the time, “This work injury has destroyed me. I have lost all of my savings, I get angry because I am in pain all of the time, it is killing my marriage, I will never be able to get out of this debt, my career is over, can the insurance company be responsible for any of this?”


The truth is there is a lot of pain, suffering, aggravation and anxiety that I see injured workers constantly dealing with. But sadly, in Virginia, you cannot get any money or be compensated for pain and suffering.

This is very frustrating because so many bad things can happen after a work accident – cars get repossessed, houses are foreclosed upon, relationships end under the strain, depression and anxiety issues appear, careers, hopes and dreams get dashed, and all of these things happen in a downward spiral where there really is no recourse.

Injured Workers aren’t made whole like in an auto accident, workers’ comp benefits just keep your head barely above water, but the waves will still keep coming.

Sometimes a settlement can be an option because it helps you get a lump sum of money for a fresh start, but it’s still not money for pain and suffering.

This is why I wrote my book, the Ultimate Guide to Workers’ Compensation in Virginia, it arms injured workers with information so they can get the maximum benefits they are entitled to whether or not they need an attorney.

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