Michele Lewane, Esquire, of the Injured Workers Law Firm, explains that there is no compensation for “pain and suffering” in workers’ compensation injury claims.
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Video Transcript

A question I get all the time is, What about my house being foreclosed upon? My car being repossessed, because there have been months and months of not getting a weekly workers comp check when you were supposed to be getting one.

And, unfortunately, in workers’ comp there is nothing for pain and suffering. It is such a hard thing to comprehend sometimes because people think of jury trials on tv and think of the, the McDonald’s lady ya know getting gazillions for ya know her burnt thigh, but those are like the extreme cases.

Most cases, and all workers’ comp cases in Virginia, there is nothing for pain and suffering, so there is nothing for that anguish or trying to get you back to where you were. And, if you’re never going to be back to where you were, it still doesn’t matter, which is a very hard thing to swallow.

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