What is a pro se injured worker? A pro se injured worker is an injured worker dealing with the workers compensation court process on their own without the assistance of an attorney. I read an article the other day that estimates that 40% or more of the injured workers in Virginia are not represented by an attorney – and we wonder why the insurance companies are enjoying profits like they have not seen in decades!

pro se injured workersWhile every situation is different and some folks may not immediately need legal representation, many folks who go it alone by representing themselves (pro se) regret it later on. People mistakenly believe that the workers compensation insurance company is there to help them and, oftentimes, the adjusters will lead injured workers to believe this! The truth is, the insurance company is paid by the employer, not the injured worker, so the insurance company is representing the employer and looking out for their best (financial) interests.

The other immediate risk to pro se injured workers is that they may not know the rules for obtaining and continuing on workers compensation benefits.  There are harsh rules that are rigidly enforced and not knowing the rules is no exception in Virginia.


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