istock_000016632973-insurance-claim-formTo get the most from your Workers’ Comp, someone needs to manage your case, such as a Richmond Workers’ Compensation lawyer. Many people try to do manage this on their own without knowing what they are getting into, and as a result, fail to receive their deserved benefits from Workers’ Comp.

Trusting your employer’s insurance company to take care of you is a mistake. Their aim is to get you back on the job or out of a job as soon as they can so the business can go on. Their main priority is not getting you the right care and ensuring your family’s well-being.

With a Richmond Workers’ Compensation lawyer on your side, you can be rest assured that your best interests will be taken care of. An attorney will handle situations such as:

  • determining if any monies spent out-of-pocket need to be repaid, and what you need to do to get this money paid back to you;
  • protecting your settlement recovery to be sure that that any liens placed against your settlement by healthcare providers or insurers are legitimate; and
  • negotiating with the insurance company and its adjuster to secure the right settlement for you.

There are many other issues involving a Workers’ Comp claim that will need to be dealt with. A Richmond Workers’ Compensation lawyer can help.

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