There seems to me a misconception out there among some workers that they can get workers’ compensation benefits for things like stress, depression, or anxiety.  The truth is that, in Virginia, workers’ compensation benefits are only awarded for psychological injuries if the injured worker first has a PHYSICAL injury.  For example, the State of Virginia won’t award you workers’ compensation benefits for depression alone; however, if you had an injury that required surgery and then you developed depression and the doctor says this stems from the work injury then you could have depression recognized as part of your workers’ compensation claim. shutterstock_249949852

The truth is, many injured workers can develop psychological injuries after they have been a victim of a work injury; the trick is that the doctor has to be able to say that the mental condition was a result of the physical work injury and not due to something else.  Psychological injuries are tricky and if you are pursuing benefits for a psychological condition, I always recommend speaking to an attorney who is experienced with these complicated cases.

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