PTSD Workers Compensation Claim

Virginia Workers Compensation Rules are a bit gray when it comes to claims of PTSD and the law is ever changing; especially since media outlets have recently been shining a spotlight on this issue.  For now, PTSD can be covered under Virginia Workers Compensation benefits but only in certain, specific situations.

PTSD on the Job

For example, a paramedic who responds to the scene of deadly fires, car accidents, overdoses and so on, is expected to be exposed to these types of situations over and over as part of their job requirements. However, a housekeeping person who cleans hotel rooms and walks into the scene of a horrific murder may be able to be covered for treating PTSD as this is not a situation that they would normally be exposed to or expected to come into contact with. Also, if the PTSD is accompanied by a physical injury, it is usually covered.

What about High-Stress Jobs?

As of the current Virginia rules, high-stress jobs, heavy workloads or conflicts with management or other employees are never considered to be covered as a Virginia Workers Compensation Claim.

Contact a Lawyer for Help Navigating Your Claim

Workers Compensation Insurance Coverage for PTSD as the result of a workplace injury or incident can be a complicated legal argument and every situation is different; it is always best to consult a lawyer to know if your particular instance can be covered.

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