The maritime building industry is one of the common occupations ranking high in asbestos exposure risk. While asbestos as a building material has been banned in today’s ship construction, workers who were employed building ships when asbestos was used and mariners who were employed upon these ships are now developing cases of Mesothelioma and other disabling respiratory conditions.

Workers who were involved in the building of World War II era military ships may have been exposed to toxic levels of asbestos during ship construction. These workers may now qualify for Virginia Workers’ Compensation benefits if they suffer from any of the respiratory diseases associated with asbestos.

Military veterans may also qualify for Workers’ Compensation or veterans’ benefits if they were stationed on a naval ship that was known to contain asbestos. Crew members of these ships who were not active combat soldiers can also seek Workers’ Compensation benefits with the help of a Richmond Workers’ Compensation attorney.

Mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases can cause serious health conditions that may prevent a worker from continuing their job. When filing your Workers’ Compensation injuries claim you’ll need to show a connection between your work and the injuries or conditions from which you are suffering. Your attorney can help you collect your work history and the medical evidence that is necessary to prove your claim and obtain the benefits you deserve.

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