Researchers and Richmond Workers’ Compensation attorneys at the Injured Worker’s Law Firm know that exertion injuries are a very common type of workplace injury. Accounting for about one in four Workers’ Compensation claims, according to Liberty Mutual’s Workplace Safety Index, exertion injuries have a variety of symptoms and causes and can be suffered in almost any workplace.

Every year, about $12.7 billion is awarded to people who have suffered overexertion injuries in the workplace. This is more that 25 percent of all money awarded to Workers’ Compensation claimants annually, according to the report.

An overexertion injury may be the fault of your employer. If that’s the case, you should not have to suffer unaided with the pain that results from the injury. A Richmond Workers’ Compensation attorney with the Injured Worker’s Law Firm can help you with your work injury claim.

What is an overexertion injury? 

Overexertion injuries are stress or strain injuries caused by manual labor. Back injuries are one time of overexertion injury, but they can also include neck strain, joint or tendon injuries, or muscle strains.

A strained muscle may not seem like that big of a deal, but it can keep you from being able to perform your job normally. Since overexertion injuries are most common in the construction industry or other manual labor-intensive professions, even something as common as a bad knee can keep an employee from returning to work for an extended period of time.

The fact that back and joint pain are so common (think about how many people you know with a bad back or an aching knee) may keep some people from giving those injuries the attention they deserve. When you make your work injury claim, remember that any injury that reduces your mobility, quality of life, or ability to work is doing you some harm.

Summer, the season of heatstroke, has just ended but certain factory environments create risks of heatstroke year-round. Heat cramps and heat exhaustion may be considered overexertion injuries that deserve medical attention and may deserve compensation.

There are several actions your employer can take, or fail to take, to put you at risk of any of these overexertion injuries. A Richmond Workers’ Compensation attorney with the Injured Worker’s Law Firm can evaluate your case and help you file a claim.

A Richmond Workers’ Compensation attorney may be able to help you secure the workers’ comp benefits you need to recover from an overexertion injury. If you have suffered such an injury in your workplace, you are not alone. Overexertion injuries are the most common type of workplace injury and they account for over 25 percent of all annually distributed Workers’ Compensation benefits, according to a Liberty Mutual report.

Overexertion injuries can occur in almost any workplace and may have a variety of causes. For instance, some injuries may be the result of conditions in the workplace that may put you at risk.

Causes of Overexertion Injuries 

Overexertion injuries can be caused by very simple actions such as:  

  • lifting a heavy object;
  • twisting while carrying something;
  • jumping down from a height;
  • stepping into a hole; and
  • working in an extremely hot environment. 

Certain industries, such as construction, are obviously higher risk environments for overexertion injuries. However, employees can overexert themselves in any situation that involves any type of manual labor.

Your employer has control over certain risk factors. For instance, some overexertion injuries are caused by:

  • employees  working too long without a break;
  • working without proper training; or
  • being required to perform tasks beyond physical abilities.

If your work injury was suffered under any of the above-listed conditions, you may be able to file a work injury claim and speak with an attorney about your rights.

A Richmond Workers’ Compensation attorney with the Injured Worker’s Law Firm is familiar with employment injury law and could prove to be an invaluable asset in your claim. Let your attorney handle the complicated legal jargon so you can focus on what’s most important: recovering from your injuries.

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