In a Workers’ Comp claim, a Richmond Workers’ Compensation lawyer is beneficial in receiving your just allowances.

The goal of the employer’s insurance carrier is not necessarily to compensate employees fairly. In fact, insurance adjusters may try different tactics to settle a claim quickly and inexpensively, or to deny a claim entirely.

One of these tactics is to get a recorded statement from you. This may be done shortly after the injury when you are on pain medications, under stress, or unsure of your injury’s extent. Insurance adjusters may use leading questions, so your words will hurt your Workers’ Comp claim.

Another method insurance companies use is to send money automatically. Most workers assume the insurance company is paying their claim. The problem is if a claim form is not completed, injured workers will stop receiving payments after Virginia’s statute of limitations is reached. Then employees will be unable to file for Workers’ Comp, and will lose their full benefit amount.

Also, be careful about signing forms sent to you from the insurance company. There are cases where insurance adjusters leave out injuries or miscalculate weekly wages. If you sign agreement papers with mistakes like these, not all of your injuries may be covered and you may not receive compensation for your weekly earnings.

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