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Signs of a Repetitive Stress Injury that May Give Grounds for Virginia Work Injury Compensation Claim

There are several warning signs of a repetitive stress injury or disorder (RSD) that you should be aware of if you have a job that requires repetitive activities. These kinds of injuries can cause debilitating pain and may require the filing of a repetitive claim based on Virginia workers’ comp law.  

Warning Signs of a Workplace Repetitive Stress Injury 

It’s generally the case that by the time you realize something is wrong, the damage has been done which is why you should be on the lookout for the following warning signs of an RSD: 

  • pain – it may be sharp or dull and it could affect your limbs; over time, the pain may become more intense or you may experience the pain after hours of work on a computer or cash register, or when you make certain movements, such as raising your arm or twisting a doorknob;
  • numbness or tingling – you may experience these symptoms in your fingers or arm and they typically signify nerve damage;
  • fatigue – you may tire easily, especially if you’re experiencing pain; and
  • clumsiness or weakness losing strength, having difficulty picking things up and dropping items are all signs of RSD. 

Protect yourself by speaking with an attorney to discuss filing a repetitive claim. Through a work injury compensation claim, you may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses and other benefits. 

Contact a Richmond, Virginia, Workers’ Comp Attorney 

When you have difficulties with your work injury compensation claim, a Virginia workers’ comp attorney can bear some of the burden you’ve been placed under. To get back on your feet, whether it means getting back to work or getting the benefits you deserve, order a copy of our free book, the Ultimate Guide to Workers’ Compensation in Virginia, and contact a workers’ comp attorney at the Injured Workers Law Firm for a no-cost consultation – 877-755-7744 or 804-755-7755.


About the Author:

The Injured Workers Law Firm is a Richmond, Virginia based firm solely focused on serving clients with workers' compensation claims in Virginia. If you have questions about your benefits or if you would like more information on the Virginia Workers’ Compensation system, order our book, “The Ultimate Guide to Workers’ Compensation in Virginia” , or call our office today (804) 755-7755.