So, how do I find an experienced workers’ compensation attorney in my area?

1. Get a referral from an attorney that you know. He or she will probably know someone who specializes in
your area of need. If you need an attorney in an area of practice that we don’t handle, call us and we’ll help
you find the right lawyer for your case.
2. Get a recommendation from someone who has actually used that lawyer for the same type of case you have. Hiring your deadbeat brother-in-law’s DUI
attorney for your workers compensation case might not be a good idea.

3. Visit internet rating sites. They are pretty good. and are reputable.
4. Check to see whether your lawyer is a specialist.
Virginia has no state specific specialization process, but many experienced attorneys are members of specific organizations regarding specific areas of the

5. To get a good “feel” for a lawyer, call the office and ask for any books or articles they have written and CD’s
or DVD’s on your case subject area that they have recorded. Most lawyers will gladly send you their new client information package.
Again, this isn’t, by any means, a complete list. You need to do your homework. Visit websites, watch YouTube videos, and
make in-person appointments. 


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